Our new music video "Craniotomy" is up on YouTube and our single is available for purchase or streaming on all platforms. Craniotomy is the surgery craze sweeping the nation. It's Cray Cray Cray!!!


JULY 2019

Check out our concert from Brooklyn, NY on August 6th,  streaming live on Bridgeside Live. And stick around for a fun interview at the end.

MARCH 2019

Indie Rock band Emodulari announces the release of its debut single, the protest song "Venice of America".

The song fearlessly confronts recent attempts by local governments to criminalize the public feeding of homeless people by compassionate private citizens. Told from the point of view of a homeless veteran, the subtle lyrics, driving rhythm, gritty vocals and surprising melody engage the listener in an effort to raise awareness about this troubling trend.

Artwork By: Anna Ciorciari 

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