May 2018

I'll be posting up at Bourbon Street in Nyack every Tuesday in May for my first run of solo shows. I'll be playing acoustic and singing some of my favorites. And I'll play instrumental electric guitar arrangements of other classics.

For the last year or so, I've been working on a way to convey songs more fully with my two hands. I'm excited with how it's allowed me to more fully inspect and better express how I hear music. Every person hears things their own way and I think one of the exciting parts of following musicians is getting to hear songs through their lens. This series of shows will be a good way to know what I'm hearing and hopefully witness an evolution as I continually improve my ability to convey it.

Thanks to Bourbon Street and my buddy Brian Moran and his compatriots for providing me with a venue to present what I'm feeling musically for the last decade. Also, half price apps!

March 2018

It has been very fulfilling to help young guitarist/drummer Cory Logan hone his skills on guitar and prepare for his auditions and performances for School of Rock on Broadway.

He plays the role of James and is the understudy for the guitarist Zack and drummer Freddy. I had a great time seeing him act, sing and play guitar live last month in the lead role of Zack. He's reprising the role on Monday, April 2nd and Tuesday, April 3rd.

Follow his career at:

Bobby Deitch Band got a great review in this month's Modern Drummer Magazine and I got a mention for my bass playing on the title track "Grateful"...

"Bobby's arranging chops shine on the title track with Earth, Wind & Fire-style horns over a tight pocket from Adam (Deitch) and Bobby's regular bassist, Dave Reiss".

Forming a tight pocket with the drummer is the primary objective of a bass player. It was a thrilling experience to get to give it my best alongside Adam Deitch, and very cool that the drummer's magazine dug our band's album and my playing.

January 2018

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